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Smarter International Trading is an agent, buyer and importer of original & distinctive beverages™ including: Grower Champagne, Premium Sparkling Wine, Original Still Wine, Craft Beer and Traditional Cider & Perry.

Smarter currently operates through several independent channels to market, where its “niche” drink products best suit the Hotel - Restaurant - Catering (HoReCa) sector of the food service industry.

Smarter works with buyers who typically wish to offer a small range of ‘hand crafted’ drink products that are creative and stylish and, not readily available in the supermarkets chains. The majority of Smarter’s drink products are currently not commercially available in most of its market sectors.

Going forward, under Project SIT, Smarter will implement an integrated supply chain scheme - managing its supply chain as a single entity through Smarter International Trading (SIT) and Original & Distinctive (O&D); consolidating its branding strategy throughout its portfolio.

Project SIT is a revolutionary and integrated approach to the UK drinks market, which is seeking to manage the supply chain as a single entity.

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