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Smarter International Trading Limited is a buyer and seller of original & distinctive beverages™ including: Grower Champagne from France, Premium Sparkling Wine, Original Still Wine, Craft Beer and Traditional Cider & Perry from the UK.

Operationally, Smarter International Trading Limited (SIT) functions as an international importer, agent and buyer; while its wholly owned subsidiary, Original & Distinctive Limited (O&D) functions as a distributor, wholesaler, retailer and exporter. Smarter currently operates through several independent channels to market, where its “niche” drink products best suit the Hotel - Restaurant - Catering (HoReCa) sector of the food service industry.

Yet despite growing popularity for these niche products, many small growers and producers are still struggling to market and distribute their products efficiently and productively, often finding themselves at the mercy of the large retailers.

To address this gap in the market, Smarter has developed a strategy to manage the supply chain as a single entity. This revolutionary and integrated approach to the UK drinks market, has been conceived to generate: lower costs, higher quality, better customer service and, higher returns for the organisation, its suppliers and, its investors; a strategy that Harvard Professor Clayton Christensen would describe as, ‘Disruptive Innovation’.

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