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Although many growers and producers would like to broaden their business through international markets, they often lack the intimate knowledge of the local market and how customers buy and, struggle with cultural and language barriers; giving rise to an expensive and distracting excursion.

Since its inception as an international trading organisation, in mid 2010, Smarter, under the guidance of its Founder & CEO, Ken J Davey MBA FCMA, has been working with and promoting small growers and producers of original & distinctive beverages™ to build an international agent, buyer and importer business for a select number of independent producers of: Grower Champagne, Premium Sparkling Wine, Original Still Wine, Craft Beer and Traditional Cider & Perry.

Smarter currently operates through several independent channels to market, where its “niche” drink products best suit the Hotel - Restaurant - Catering (HoReCa) sector of the food service industry. Going forward, under Project SIT, Smarter will implement an integrated supply chain scheme - managing its supply chain as a single entity through Smarter International Trading (SIT) and its wholly owned sales subsidiary, Original & Distinctive (O&D); consolidating its branding strategy throughout its portfolio. It will also look to leverage other economies of scale, through the progressive implementation of Consignment Stock* practices, while also reducing risk by increasing its number of channels to market.

a) Ex-Cellar Stock: sales are made from a supplier’s ordinary stock, or an agreed “reserved stock”. An Agent Commission is payable by a supplier to Smarter, based on the value of each sales transaction

b) Imported Stock: sales are made from London City Bond (LCB) from either:

- Purchased Stock held under bond by LCB; or,
- Consignment Stock* held under bond by LCB.

* Consignment Stock is legally still owned by the supplier, but shipped and held under bond by LCB. This stock remains in the ownership of the supplier until it is removed from the warehouse when sold to a Smarter customer; at this point payment to the supplier for the stock becomes due.

To service our larger customers, it may be necessary for a supplier to agree to set aside a quantity of “reserved stock” at its cellars for Smarter.

For more details, please email: info@smarterinternational.com