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Champagne René Geoffroy avoid malolactic fermentation and tastes every single bottle of their vintage Champagne (some 6,000 bottles) and, are one of the very few Houses that produce their Rosé using the “saignée method” in their vineyards in the Vallée de la Marne. Enjoying the reputation of being one of best in Champagne, they also produce red wine - Cumières Rouge.

Established in the heart of the great Marne Valley since the 17th century, the terroir lies at the centre of their activity. Constantly motivated by the desire to preserve the best of what Nature can offer, Jean-Baptiste Geoffroy, like all his forebears, avoids malolactic fermentation, so that the champagne keeps all its original freshness. In so doing he is prepared to take certain risks, choosing to affirm the natural difference of his Champagnes.

Champagne René Geoffroy

Brut - Premier Cru
50% Pinot Meunier
40% Pinot Noir
10% Chardonnay

Mature and fragrant, its expressive bouquet releases beautiful aromas of apple compote, ornamented with hints of vanilla. The first impression in the mouth is full of finesse, with full fruit flavours. In the finale, a superb freshness.


50% Pinot Meunier
40% Pinot Noir
10% Chardonnay

With a dosage of 35 grams per litre, the yearlong ageing process results in a remarkable harmony between the sugar and the substance of the wine and so reveals satisfying flavours of pastries and nougat in the mouth.


Brut Zéro - Premier Cru
50% Pinot Meunier
40% Pinot Noir
10% Chardonnay

Non dosé during disgorging, this ‘brut zero’ has a gentle, iodized aspect that is punctuated by a pleasant freshness, without any aggressiveness.


Empreinte 2006
Brut - Premier Cru
69% Pinot Noir
19% Chardonnay
12%Pinot Meunier

The vinification is all done in oak barrels. On the nose, a seductive bouquet intertwining a complex range of red fruit aromas.  The mouth is airy, lively and vigorous. With great freshness, it imposes rich flavours of strawberry and redcurrant, punctuated with hints of highly scented flowers like peonies. Lovely balance and persistent finale.


Rosé de Saigné
Brut - Premier Cru
100% Pinot Noir

Ruby red tints to please the eye. The nose provides a whole bouquet of aromas. Roses, wild strawberries and raspberries combine in perfect harmony. The mouth, utterly charming, confirms the promise of the nose. The finale has sumptuous vinosity.


Volupté 2006
Brut - Premier Cru
75% Chardonnay
25% Pinot Noir

Selected juices from the Tête De Cuvée produced by grapes harvested from vines more than 30 years old, vinified entirely in oak barrels. A Champagne with golden yellow tints and a fine and light foam. The nose, of white flowers, white-fleshed fruit and delicate mineral notes, expresses all the purity of this champagne. The silky mouth, with buttery notes, reveals remarkable structure.


Blanc de Rose Jean-Baptiste Geoffroy
Extra Brut - Premier Cru (Rosé de Saigné)
50% Pinot Noir
50% Chardonnay

A lighter Rosé Champagne. The delicacy of the nose unveils rose petal notes and a hint of grenadine. On the palate, the remarkable minerality releases aromas of pink grapefruit and mandarin peel. All this is complemented by a superb bitterness and a very pleasant, fresh aftertaste.


Millésime 2004
Extra Brut - Premier Cru
65% Pinot Noir
35% Chardonnay
5% Pinot Meunier

At harvest time, only grapes from the oldest areas of the vineyards are selected, thereby giving the wine the fullest expression of the identity of the terroir. When the grapes are pressed, the Tête de Cuvée juice is exclusively selected. Only oak barrels are used for vinification. There is no malolactic fermentation, thus retaining all the natural acidity of the grape. A light fining is carried out prior to bottling, but there is no filtration.


Cumières Rouge
100% Pinot Noir

Cumières Rouge 2008
100% Pinot Meunier

Cumières Rouge 2006
100% Pinot Noir

Champagne René Geoffroy also produces red wine - Cumières Rouge. Enjoying the reputation of being one of best in Champagne, they produce their Cumières Rouge in three styles: the Traditionnel - a blend from wines that are three to four years old; complemented by a Pinot Noir 2006 and Pinot Meunier 2008. With a brilliant, deep red colour and a nose that typifies the grapes from the terroir of Cumières, the mixed red fruit and the silky, delicate tannins form a delicious floral and spicy balance on the palate.


Ratafia de Champagne

The 18° of alcohol of this vin de liqueur is the result of the marriage of Fine de Champagne with sugar-rich grape juice. Perfect as an aperitif or with desserts, this wine offers a note of sweetness and an irresistible aromatic flavour.


René Geoffroy Champagnes are available in the UK, Baltic & Nordic countries.