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Since its inception as an international trading organisation, in mid 2010, Smarter, under the guidance of its Founder & CEO, Ken J Davey MBA FCMA, has been working with and promoting small growers and producers of original & distinctive beverages™ to build an international distributor, wholesaler, retailer & exporter business for a select number of independent producers of: Grower Champagne, Premium Sparkling Wine, Original Still Wine, Craft Beer and Traditional Cider & Perry.

Smarter currently operates through several independent channels to market, where its “niche” drink products best suit the Hotel - Restaurant - Catering (HoReCa) sector of the food service industry. Going forward, under Project SIT, Smarter will implement an integrated supply chain scheme - managing its supply chain as a single entity through Smarter International Trading (SIT) and its wholly owned subsidiary, Original & Distinctive (O&D); consolidating its branding strategy throughout its portfolio.

Sales to customers are made through either Smarter International Trading Limited; a UK & Overseas Agent or, our wholly sales owned subsidiary, Original & Distinctive Limited; a wholesaler, retailer & exporter.

a) EX- CELLAR sales to customers in the UK and Overseas are made by, Smarter International Trading.

Suppliers to such respected establishments as The Sampler; Vanquish Wine of Mayfair; and, Jeroboams Fine Wine & Champagnes Merchants, in the UK and, Tampereen Viinitukku in Finland, Smarter International Trading provide the following service:

- Ex-Cellars: shipment, duties, local carriage and VAT excluded.

b) IN BOND sales to customers in the UK are made by, Original & Distinctive.

Suppliers to such respected establishments as The Lanesborough Hotel at Hyde Park; the Bleeding Heart & Don restaurants in the City of London and, Bubbledogs in Fitzrovia, Original & Distinctive provide the following services:

- In Bond: shipment included; duties, in bond transfer charges or local carriage and VAT excluded.

- Duty Paid: shipment and duties included; local carriage and VAT excluded.

- Delivered Duty Paid: shipment, duties and London carriage included; VAT excluded.

Project SIT will not only strengthen and further develop the existing small producer drinks Wholesaler to the trade business, but also grow the business through new channels to market, by launching the following services:

c) ONLINE sales to customers in the UK will be made by, Original & Distinctive Online; a small producer drinks Online Retailer and, a trading name of Original & Distinctive Limited.

d) EXPORT sales to customers in the UK will be made by, Original & Distinctive Exports; a revolutionary export company for the UK independent beverage producer and, a subsidiary of Original & Distinctive Limited.

Smarter delivers from London City Bond for buyers in the UK, and Ex-Cellars for buyers overseas. We can also arrange for delivery Ex-Cellars for UK customers, if required.

For more details and our current Trade Price Lists, and our Terms & Conditions, please email: