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SMARTER INTERNATIONAL TRADING is the international trading arm of SMARTER LIMITED; an international trading, brokering and professional services company.

SMARTER LIMITED operates through three distinct divisions:

Smarter International Trading - an international agent, importer, distributor and wholesaler business that works with a select number of specially selected independent suppliers of: Grower Champagne; Original Still Wine, Premium Sparkling Wine, Traditional Cider & Perry and, Craft Beer.

Smarter Business Brokering - a business dedicated to helping clients secure the critical skills and distinctive competencies needed to manage the challenges and dynamics of international trade; by ‘matching’ and/or representing buyers and sellers in the UK; the Baltic & Nordic countries and Russia & the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Smarter Professional Services - a sales focused venture that provides Business Development, Sales Consulting and Sales Training services to clients who lack the key resources, experience or skills, within their organisation.

More information on our professional services can be found at: http://www.smarter.co.uk